Back/Spine Surgery

Post-Operative Orders


Keep in place unless instructed otherwise. Keep clean and dry. Do not remove.
Change dressing as instructed - per physician's instructions.


  • Take as directed
  • Do not take pain medication on an empty stomach.
  • Take with water or ginger ale, and dry toast or crackers. (No fruit juices, colas or milk).
  • Continue diet and medication as directed by your physician (PCP).


  • No showering until staples/stitches are removed.
  • May shower only (NO TUB BATHS). Do not let shower spray directly hit incision.

Contact our office if you experience

  • Chills or fever above 101.0
  • Excessive pain not relieved by pain medication
  • Unusual redness, swelling or drainage


  • See additional sheets for at home recommendations.


  • Call the office to schedule a post-op visit within 2 weeks of your surgery, or sooner.


You may find more information on spine surgery/back and neck pain at