5 Star Review 2 days ago

First, Dr. Jennifer Burns. If I could adopt her, I would. In 2006, She was the first doctor to take my backache complaints seriously. After testing, she discovered I had Scoliosis and a number of other underlying issues. She frankly told me surgery was not an option, but could do procedures that would definitely help. And she did just that. I may have to have the procedure repeated a couple times a year, but who wouldn’t opt to have 5-6 months of minimal and controlled pain in exchange for a 1/2 hr. procedure? She listens. She gets it. She’s awesome. Next, Dr. Beery and Dr. Nguyen. Kudos to both of these doctors! While Dr. Beery is methodical and compassionate, Dr. Nguyen is more a “get it done” professional. When my hands became painful and cramping severely, Dr. Beery did nerve conduction studies and subsequently, I met with Dr. Nguyen. He did a tendon release near the left elbow and a tendon release in the wrist. It was the easiest surgery I have ever gone through and my left hand is now nearly healed and the pain is nearly gone. Just Wow! I will always be grateful that I was referred to these amazing physicians at All Florida Orthopaedic Associates. I would be disappointed if I ever have an issue that takes me outside of this group


Via Google review 08/20/18

All Florida Orthopaedic Associates now offers Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)