Their physical therapy department is awesome. Crystal put me with Carrie. I explained I had a pinched nerve in the l/5 region. She gladly helped me over the next several weeks.

– She used hot towels
– minor exercises and some required by YOU to do at home
– 30 minutes bike time
– back massage and working on the loosening the skin
– constant communication
– bike time at a slow pace
– You are expected to be on a at least once a week schedule.
– and much more!

They’re big on PREVENTING surgery to your back which is what I wanted.

The great majority of the folks who work here are friendly and most of the time will gladly help you.

The result? My back no longer gives me issues and is fixed!

Carrie Zilbauer, Crystal Jimpie and Dr. Burns are my heroes!

I highly recommend AFO for ANY issue with your back!


Yelp Review

All Florida Orthopaedic Associates now offers Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)