Trauma & Fracture Care

The specialists at All Florida Orthopaedic Associates are skilled with dealing with a comprehensive range of injuries from simple accidents to severe cases involving trauma and multiple injuries. They provide the orthopedic trauma care for Bayfront Medical Center’s level II trauma center which covers all of West Central Florida.


Fractures are very common, and they can happen to anyone, often at the most unexpected times. Many injuries are minor fractures that simply require taking it easy for a few weeks. Other fractures are more complex and may require a cast or splint to be worn for an extended period of time. In some cases, additional fixation such as screws may be needed temporarily or permanently.


Any severe injury can benefit from the skill of a trauma specialist. An injury is considered to be traumatic when it involves complicated fractures, multiple fractures, injury to multiple areas, and injuries caused by falls, impacts or penetrating objects.