Shoulder Arthroscopy Post-Op

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Post-Operative Orders

  • Depending on the severity of your shoulder injury/tear, your physician will require some sort of immobilization during the post-op period. You can plan on either a:
    • basic sling
    • pillow and sling
    • immobilizer (waist strap)
  • Until your first post-op visit, you should wear your sling and DO NOT REMOVE IT.
  • Keep the dressing clean and dry, and DO NOT REMOVE IT.
  • You may exercise your hand while still wearing the sling (ex: making a fist).
  • You may extend your elbow a few times daily while wearing the sling, keeping your upper arm/shoulder close to your trunk.
  • You may use ice packs for pain/inflammation; 20 minutes on / 20 minutes off. DO NOT apply ice directly to your skin.
  • Take pain medication as directed by your physician.
  • Sleeping in a recliner works best, especially if you are in a pillow type immobilizer.
  • Call the office if you have a temperature above 101.0, any drainage or unusual redness.
  • Call the office within 2 days after your surgery to schedule a post-op visit with your physician.