Today I had a Arthroscopy today and I must say from the time I walked into the surgery center until it was complete the staff was awesome! From getting checked into the surgery center back to operation table they made feel like a Queen. I wish I could remember everyone that took care of me but I am still a little doped up. Oh I can’t forget Dr Hirshorn! I thank you all.


I suffer from a degenerative disc between my L5 and S1. The pain is unbearable and I have been treated very well here. They discuss many options and ways to start before mentioning surgery. A+ Rating for the staff and doctor’s!


Dr. Hirshorn is my surgeon that saved my left leg and ankle from a horrific accident. Dr Ajul Shah did my plastic surgery one of the best doctors I have ever met. I spent six weeks, three times a week with the nurses who changed my bandages, Jerome and Kyle were the best. Lastly, I’m in therapy at their facility and Carrie had taught me to walk. I would recommend highly this facility


For over 2 years Dr Canizares helped me put off knee replacement. We did several rounds of shots which reduced the pain substantially. When I could no longer stand the pain we scheduled the surgery. The day of surgery he made me feel very relaxed and confident. After surgery in the hospital the follow up was very helpful and answered all of my needs. With their help and a dedication to pushing the recovery I was totally released from rehab in 7 weeks and walking without any limp PAIN FREE


I was in a major auto accident and totaled the car.  Was taken to the hospital with Trama alert. Fortunately the Orthopedic in the hospital was Dr. Swick. I am extremely grateful to have been seen by him. I am impressed with him. I have been to another St Petersburg clinic and they were just trying to make a surgery procedure of me. Dr. Swick is absolutely right about Orthopedics and would recommend him 100%.


Dr Canizares is a wonderful surgeon. The All Florida Orthopaedic surgery center is staffed with kind, attentive people that take the time to treat each patient with care. They have a great balance of efficiency and personalization that makes a stressful day nicer.


I love this medical center. They have been great at treating me.


Dr Canizares is a wonderful surgeon. The All Florida Orthopaedic surgery center is staffed with kind, attentive people that take the time to treat each patient with care. They have a great balance of efficiency and personalization that makes a stressful day nicer.


Dr. Paul Pagano was awesome! He found out that my damage was worse than he thought so the surgery took about twice as long as expected. Recovery was easy, I was off pain meds in 1 day. Follow up appointments were on time and productive. I haven’t felt this pain free in years! So glad that I was referred to Dr. Pagano.


First, Dr. Jennifer Burns. If I could adopt her, I would. She was the first doctor to take my backache complaints seriously. She discovered I had Scoliosis and a number of other underlying issues. She told me surgery was not an option, but could do procedures that would definitely help. And she did just that. I may have to have the procedure repeated a couple times a year, but who wouldn’t opt to have 5-6 months of minimal pain in exchange for a 1/2 hr. procedure? She listens. She gets it. She’s awesome.

Dr. Mines was incredible to deal with. As a patient he is all you can ask for. I have had several surgeries and opted to see Dr Mines for a second opinion in my recovery and he was always avaiable to talk when I wasn’t in the office. He is thorough, passionate, and knowledgeable and puts his patients best interest first at all times. I highly recommend Dr. Mines to anyone including my own family.
Dr. Mines is very knowledgeable and his bedside manners are GREAT! The office is pretty new but very clean. His nurse is just simply awesome and so bubbly! The two work very well together! My appointment went very smooth. I was put into a room as soon as I got there and I didn’t wait long for an X-ray. Dr. Mines was very thorough and explained things to me until I understood it. I am so glad that I found this office! I won’t go any place else! Thank you to Dr. Mines and Magdelia for your kindness! I truly appreciate your time and help! I know where to go if I have any more issues. I am so grateful for you two!

I have visited All Florida Orthopedic on three occasions. I would highly recommend Dr. Patrick Smith M.D. without hesitation. He is extremely professional & personable. I found all the staff that assisted me to friendly and professional as well. Thank You all.

R Fisher

Their physical therapy department is awesome. I explained I had a pinched nerve in the l/5 region. They’re big on PREVENTING surgery to your back which is what I wanted. The great majority of the folks who work here are friendly and most of the time will gladly help you. The result? My back no longer gives me issues and is fixed! They are my heroes! I highly recommend AFO for ANY issue with your back!


Wish I could leave a 100 star reviews Dr,Burns and Crystal are amazing. The level of care I get is beyond awesome. The front staff are always courteous and respectful. I would highly recommend this office and staff.


I ruptured my achilles tendon playing basketball at age 26. Dr. Canizares discussed the pros and cons of surgical vs non-surgical options which made me feel comfortable. Being young and active I decided to have surgery. The surgery went well without any complications. I made a full recovery and am very thankful for the help!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Mines for a few years now, and he’s always been very responsive to any questions I have, and willing to listen, and discuss best options. I’ve been blessed to have no major injuries (knock on wood), but as I get older there are back/neck issues I come across, and most recently an injured foot and wrist. Dr. Mines was able to assist with both in a timely and effective manner. I highly recommend Dr. Mines.

I highly recommend Dr. Swick and his staff. I’m very grateful that they got me in virtually immediately when I injured my foot. His advice has been spot on and very professionally delivered. While it is a very busy practice, it is exceptionally efficient. I deal with a lot of doctors in my work and so have a pretty good sense of whether they know what they are talking about or not and Dr. Swick is top notch.

Linda A

I went to AFOPA to have a nerve conduction study and EMG performed at the direction of my pain specialist in Tampa. Dr. Beery performed the procedures and he was excellent in every way. He reassured me before he started and told me what he was doing at every step of the way, and continually checked with me to make sure I was still comfortable. As far as I was concerned, he was the perfect physician. I could not have asked for better, more caring treatment.


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