Auto Injuries

Injured in an accident?

Accidents present unique orthopaedic and neurological injuries that require extensive knowledge and appreciation of a host of bio-mechanical and physical medicine aspects, as well as an extensive understanding of the mechanism of injury.

At All Florida Orthopaedic Associates, our physicians specialize in treating auto and accident injuries. Our physicians are highly experienced and have served the community for trauma related motor vehicle and accident victims for more than 20 years. Both attorneys and insurance carriers alike respect the physicians, therapists and staff here at All Florida Orthopaedic Associates.

Whether you were a victim of a car accident, slip and fall accident or other accident, our practice has highly trained staff that are skilled in processing your accident claim and providing the necessary information to your attorney to settle your claim.

At All Florida Orthopaedic Associates, we are recognized for our excellence in care and documentation to support your injury and loss.

We offer physical and occupational therapy as well as on-site MRI and other diagnostic studies.

Please call our central scheduling department at (727) 527-5272 to schedule an appointment with one of our many skilled and experienced physicians.